EgoVid develops Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence technology. We make intelligent autonomous recognition of humans, objects, activities possible while only using non-privacy-intruding data (e.g., anonymized videos).

Computer Vision

Computer Vision and Machine Learning are the cores of EgoVid. Our team has 10+ years of experience in designing and building Computer Vision algorithms. The founder has been the leading expert in the area of human activity recognition, developing deep learning models for activity detection, egocentric vision, and robotics.


Privacy is an important desire for people but the increasing use of data collection (e.g., CCTV cameras for surveillance, smart-home cameras, wearables, and robots) is rapidly eroding privacy. We build AI technologies that can deliver useful services but use only privacy-preserving data (e.g., very low resolution video instead of HD video). EgoVid is creating the first Privacy-Preserving Computer Vision technologies for real-world applications.