Jul. 2018

Jun. 2018

Presented a poster at CVPR 2018 Workshop on Bright and Dark Sides of Computer Vision (CV-COPS).

Jun. 2018

Michael Ryoo organized a Tutorial on Human Activity Recognition at CVPR 2018.

Feb. 2018

Presented a paper at AAAI 2018.

Oct. 2017

EgoVid received a R&D funding of ~$500K from TIPS (Accelerator Investment-Driven Tech Incubator Program for Startup).

Aug. 2017

Check out our technology demo video.

July 2017

EgoVid demonstrates their work at CVPR 2017. [video of EgoVid's exhibition at CVPR 2017]

June 2017

EgoVid starts a research project on "Obstacles avoidance for drones".

Mar. 2017

Michael Ryoo gives a keynote talk at the HDC workshop with WACV 2017.

Mar. 2017

EgoVid's paper has been accepted for publication from IEEE Wireless Communications Letters".

Feb. 2017

EgoVid visits Indiana University to exchange ideas about robotics applications.

Feb. 2017

EgoVid presents a paper on privacy-preserving activity recognition [arXiv ] at AAAI 2017.

Jan.~Mar. 2017

EgoVid stays at U.C. Berkeley for the collaboration.

Dec. 2016

EgoVid is invested by Mirae Holdings Ltd.

Sept. 2016

EgoVid is sponsored by Ulsan Metropolitan City.

Aug. 2016

EgoVid is founded as of Aug. 2016.